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Why change our name?
A name is a new departure, a strong message giving meaning to an evolution

Crédit Agricole next bank is our new name. Concise and dynamic, it is a promise of closeness. A promise for the future.

Your bank, expert in the essentials

Anticipating, adapting, evolving - these are what characterise our approach to banking. Driven by our new brand, we are facing the future with conviction, affirming our commitment to being a bank that is both practical and ever closer to you.

An evolution that comes with a promise

Upon becoming Crédit Agricole next bank, our bank is also marking its unwavering commitment to serving you according to a resolutely modern service model. This step embodies the promise that you have the right to expect from us, namely one to offer a more complete approach to simplify your daily life, facilitate your access to housing and build up wealth for the future.

Easier access to services through a new model

To meet your expectations, we have also improved the access model for all our services by multiplying the possible ways for you to get in touch with your bank.
This includes the advisors at your branch, as well as telephone advisors who will answer all your questions live and in your own language, now with an extended schedule. Furthermore, mobile counsellors can travel to make managing your finances easier for you. Finally, we offer you an improved digital service, with new practical and innovative tools.

Support and solidity from the Group

While you will see our logo change and our communication materials evolve, we are maintaining our status as a subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole Group, and will continue to benefit from the strength and support of one of the leading banking players in Europe.