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Multi-bank account aggregator

To make your life simpler, you can now add your French accounts and check them through the CA next bank mobile banking mobile app. To check your balance or transactions, you will no longer need to open a different app for each account as you will be able to see them on the same interface. This new functionality, the first of its kind in Switzerland, will allow you to manage your budget more easily according to your needs across the 2 countries (shopping, holidays, etc.)

The advantages

Grouping your French and Swiss accounts together on the same app makes your life easier when checking your balances and transactions.
All your information is held and encrypted in such a way as to guarantee that it remains confidential by Crédit Agricole next bank.
This is the first time that a Swiss bank has offered a multi-bank aggregation function that covers France and Switzerland.

Getting started

This multi-bank aggregator function can be accessed in the secure area for customers who have synchronised their CA next bank mobile banking app with their e-banking account. The video tutorial below will guide you through the steps for adding accounts.

If you have not yet synchronised your mobile app CA next bank mobile banking (available from the App Store and Google Play), please do not hesitate to check our dedicated information sheet by clicking here.