Online banking
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You can access the main functions available via your e-banking service securely, anytime and anywhere from your CA next bank mobile app. Click here to find out how to pair your app with your e-banking account.

A new look and feel for a sleeker, smoother experience

  • Fingerprint authentication
  • Direct access to your advisor via the messaging system
  • Modern design and smooth browsing experience
  • Simplified payment orders
  • Easier CHF/EUR exchange

All the features you need for greater everyday mobility

Payments and models
Access a more detailed help section to make all your payments
Scan inpayment slips
Save time when making inpayments
  1. Click on the «Payments» button in the bottom menu
  2. Then select «Scan an inpayment slip»
  3. Position the scan module so that the reference on the lower right of the inpayment slip appears in full within the frame

After you scan the reference, the app displays the screen to enter the payment information

  1. Enter the beneficiary’s account number (indicated on the inpayment slip)°
  2. Then enter the recipient’s name and click on «Continue»
  3. Enter the amount to pay. The inpayment reference should already be entered. All you have to do is check it.
  4. Click on «continue» then «confirm»

Good mobile security practices

1 Smartphone: An advanced mobile telephone integrated with features of a computer, digital camera and personal digital assistant. Data is most often entered by means of a touchscreen or a keyboard.
2 NFC: Near Field Communication is a standard for transferring data over a distance of a few centimetres. NFC enables wireless communications between devices such as mobile phones, computers, cameras and PDAs, and can be used, for example, to download files.
3 IMEI: A unique number used to identify an individual mobile phone terminal. Service providers use this number to identify the mobile phone and determine whether to authorise or block the connection.