Logging in successfully to e-banking with the HID Approve app.

The HID Approve app allows you to check all your logins to your secure e-banking account. Once synchronised to your account, you’ll have a flexible solution to perform your transactions securely.

Follow the steps below carefully to set up your HID Approve app correctly

Have the two e-banking letters received by post to hand along with your smartphone.

Access your e-banking account by clicking on the button in the top banner of the website www.ca-nextbank.ch.

Enter your user ID (provided in the letter with the QR code) and your temporary password, which was provided in the second letter.

Do not check the "Change your password" box.

Personalise your password : it must be exactly 8 characters long, using only numbers and letters (capital letters do not count and special characters are not accepted).

Download the HID Approve app from the App Store or Google Play.

Agree to the app’s terms and conditions. Then accept the requests to access notifications and the camera. This step is essential to pair HID Approve with your e-banking service.

Follow the instructions on your smartphone and scan the QR code received in the letter to synchronise your HID app with your e-banking service. You only need to scan it once.

Then set a 6-digit PIN to protect access to your HID Approve app.

You must enter this PIN every time you use the HID Approve app.

Go back to your secure e-banking account to verify that your HID Approve app has been paired and then click on ‘Next Step’.

It’s time to finalise your synchronisation process

(Re)Launch your HID Approve app, enter your numeric PIN and/or approve the received notification with a simple swipe of your finger.


You’re now connected to your secure e-banking account.

To summarise and for your next login…

  • Access e-banking
  • Enter your user ID and your 8-character password
  • Logging in triggers an HID Approve notification to verify the login
  • Launch the app on your smartphone
  • Enter your 6-digit PIN
  • Approve the HID Approve notification to verify the login
  • Return to your computer: you’re connected!

No internet connection on your smartphone?

Launch the HID Approve app anyway. Enter your 6-digit PIN and simply touch the screen to generate a temporary secure code.

This code is valid for 60 seconds.

On your computer screen, you should be on the e-banking page containing a special box below the ‘Confirm’ button. Enter the temporary secure code in this box.


You have completed the login procedure and can access your personal e-banking account.

From now on, don’t forget to use your new user ID. You can destroy your challenge card.

Any other questions? Need help?

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