Log (back) in easily with the HID Approve app

HID Approve is an application available on App Store and Play Store that lets you check every connection to your e-banking space just by swiping your smartphone

Reminder of the steps to follow

Follow the usual steps to access your e-banking service from a computer by clicking on the e-banking button in the top menu

1. Enter your user ID, which includes two lettersand six digits (Example: AB123456)

2. Enter your e-banking password (8letters/digits).

1. Open the HID Approve app on your smartphone

2. Enter the six-digit PIN you created when configuring the app and confirm

3. Approve the login request by swiping the Confirm button

Congratulations, you're now logged in to your e-banking service.

No Internet connection on your smartphone?

Launch the HID Approve app. Enter your six-digit PIN and simply touch the screen to generate a temporary secure code.

This code is valid for 60 seconds.

On your computer screen, you should be on the e-banking page containing a special box below the “Confirm” button. Enter the temporary secure code in this box.


You have completed the login procedure and you can access your personal e-banking account.

From now on, don’t forget to use your new user ID. You can destroy your challenge card.

Need to connect HID Approve to another device?

Do you have a joint account and want to install HID Approve on another device? Nothing to it. Just follow the instructions below.

From your e-banking home page, click on Preferences then Manage your e-banking access in the top menu.

You will be directed to the page where you can manage the devices that you have already added.

Next, click on the Add a new login device button in the bottom right-hand side of the screen and follow the same login procedure described above.

The new device will appear in the list of devices you can use to log in to your e-banking service.

Click on the button to the left of each line to manage the settings for this device.

Any other questions? Need help?

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