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Compatible with iOS and Android1 operating systems, the CA next bank mobile banking mobile app allows you to check your accounts and loan repayment dates, make payments or transfer money between your accounts, check stock prices or even get in touch quickly with your advisor.

All the main e-banking functions are therefore accessible in complete security, at any time, wherever you are.

How to activate the app


The CA next bank mobile banking app has been developed to best meet the expectations of its users. It features many functions divided into a free-access zone and a secure private zone.

Download the application

Google Play App Store

Download the application

Google Play

Download the application

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Secure zone

Register payment models in your e-banking in order to be able to make payments via the app.
Check your accounts, records or payment due dates, as well as the stock exchange (market trends and current values).

Free-access zone

Find a branch
In just a few clicks, find the contact details for the branch where you are registered, or the closest one to where you are.
See rates
Check current mortgage and savings rates, as well as today's exchange rate.
Two-stage authentication and data encryption by the app and the bank.
Information updated in real time and option of contacting your advisor in 3 clicks.
Manage your accounts and activities at any time.

Security: good practices

1 Smartphone: an advanced mobile phone which also functions as a personal digital assistant, digital camera and portable computer. Data is mainly entered via a touch screen or keypad.
2 NFC: NFC (near field communication) is a technology for exchanging data over a short distance of a few centimetres. NFC enables wireless communication between a mobile phone and computer, camera or PDA in order to download files, for example.
3IMEI: a unique identification number assigned to every mobile communications terminal. This number allows the network operator to identify which mobile is calling to decide whether or not to authorise connection.