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Home financing and mortgages

Whether for a real estate development or personal project, we can meet your expectations.

What do you need?

Get basic approval for a mortgage to finance your main residence in just 20 minutes
We offer made-to-measure mortgage solutions to finance your property projects at the best price.
Our experts know the various steps that will lead to the successful completion of your project.
We can offer you individual support in Switzerland, as well as flexible and tailored credit solutions.
If you would like to build an extension, remodel your kitchen, etc., we can finance all your work up to a total cost of CHF 200,000.
Does the home you want to buy meet our eco-efficiency and sustainability criteria? Take advantage of favourable terms and conditions when buying, building or renovating your property, or transferring your mortgage.
Optimise the cost of your loan by remortgaging and taking advantage of our attractive conditions.
Find out how CA next bank is preparing for the discontinuation of CHF LIBOR and the arrival of SARON.