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Transferring a mortgage
Rate renewal and mortgage transfer

Is your mortgage maturity date approaching or are you looking for better conditions? We offer a simple and streamlined remortgaging service.
  • Over 3 years
    from 0.77 %
  • Over 5 years
    from 0.85 %
  • Over 7 years
    from 0.97 %
  • Over 10 years
    from 1.15 %
  • Over 15 years
    from 1.44 %
  • Over 19 years
    from %
*Mortgage rates are given for indicative purposes only. It is without guarantee, subject to conditions, and can be modified at any time. Cannot be combined with any other offers. For further information, please contact your branch.

Reserve your rate
Worried that the borrowing rates might increase? We can offer you the option of choosing your rate in advance and fixing it for the coming months.
Tax advantages:
Deduct the exit fees and the costs of renovation work.
Assisted by experts
As experts in the field, benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the property market.
Moreover, any exit fees imposed by a competitor bank may be included in the loan.
Fixed rate, Libor / SARON rate, splitting your loan between different mortgage types, etc. You can design your loan as you wish.
Take advantage of attractive conditions for your home improvements loan if you meet our eco-efficiency and sustainability criteria.
* Cannot be combined with any other offers.