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Starting a business
Use the 3rd pillar to start your own company

By signing up for a 3rd pillar, you can enjoy a number of short and long-term benefits enabling you to set up your own business. Discover the advantages of our 3rd pillar solutions and the specifics of what they can offer the self-employed.

Benefits of our 3rd pillar

Rate of 0.50%1
Build up your capital and make it grow with one of the most competitive rates in Switzerland.
Our product:
3A Savings
Tax savings
Enjoy tax advantages every year in which you make a (pillar 3A)1 contribution, and rapidly build up your capital.
Our products:
3A Savings 3A Portfolio
Preparing for the future
Save wisely to close any potential income gaps in your retirement plans.
Our advice:
Calculate your income on retirement

Self-employed status: the details

The 2nd pillar is not mandatory

An occupational pension (2nd pillar) is not mandatory for self-employed workers, hence the importance of finding alternative solutions for building up wealth to use in retirement.

Sign up to a 3rd pillar

The tax advantage is calculated differently

Contributions of up to 20% may be deducted from the income you receive from paid work. The maximum you may pay is CHF 34,416.

Sign up to a 3rd pillar

Calculate your income on retirement

Retirees need an income of around 80% of their final salary if they are to maintain the same standard of living. However, their minimum pension income will only account for about 60% * of their final salary.

In the calculator below we will use this figure, as well as your desired income, as a basis to estimate how much more income you would need to achieve your desired level for retirement. For a detailed calculation that reflects your personal situation, we invite you to meet one of our advisors in-branch.

Use the calculator below to see how much more income you would need:

1 From 01.12.2022

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