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A young bank that's growing

We are a young bank, yes. That's our strength: we’re dynamic, agile, and daring!

Thanks to its human scale, Crédit Agricole next bank encourages constant interaction across functions and grades. In this way, we can cultivate a truly entrepreneurial spirit within our teams. In a world where communication is digital, human interaction is vital to us. Communicating, learning, and growing together, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Nothing stays the same: the best is yet to come

Learn more about our bank, our ambitions, our beliefs, and our human values.

A bank in tune with the times




female managers

2 days

home-office per week

CHF 1,750

per employee for relevant training


part-time employees

Free dress code

for all

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Fair-ON-Pay Certification

Crédit Agricole next bank has been Fair-ON-Pay-certified for several years now. This certificate checks the pay gap between genders.

A bank that believes in equal opportunity

  • Promote equal opportunity and goodwill
  • Ensure professional fulfilment
  • Encourage the talent development
  • Promote diversity overall
  • Adopt a transversal and flat hierarchy
  • Prioritise gender equality (positions, salaries, number of employees, etc.)
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A local bank

Always on the move, Crédit Agricole next bank's 12 branches in French- and German-speaking Switzerland are becoming increasingly popular. By the end of 2024, it will be further expanding its network, with plans to open new branches in Geneva, Zurich, and Lugano.

As part of its commitment to providing local service, the Bank also offers two mobile branches, enabling it to go out and meet customers from further afield, offering them the same services as a traditional branch.

A young bank in a solid Group 

53 millions

customers worldwide

7,400 branches

in over 47 countries

No. 1 asset manager

in Europe

11.5 millions



employees worldwide

No.1 retail bank

in the European Union

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Join us!

Our commitment to our employees is just as strong as our commitment to our customers.

Our aim is to create an exemplary corporate culture based on fairness, humanity, transparency, and responsibility. This gives everyone the opportunity to fulfil their potential and develop their skills in a supportive environment.

How to prepare for your upcoming meeting

  • What are your values?
  • What missions are your passionate about?
  • How do you see management today?
  • What are your talents?
  • What kind of work environment would you like to grow in?
  • What do you aspire to?