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Who are we?

Simplicity, proximity and commitment

We are a bank that does everything it can to simplify your life and support you and your family in your plans with practical and innovative banking solutions, including:

  • intuitive online services and a high-performance mobile app
  • products tailored to your goals, to help you build your future with peace of mind
  • personalised support for buying your main residence or your second home
  • relevant advice for you and your loved ones to meet all your needs

Crédit Agricole next bank: much more than a bank, a trusted partner to support you at every stage of your life.

Key figures

229 employees

12 branches

65, 099 clients

CHF 5, 379,4 mln in Outstanding loans

CHF 11.9 mln in Net profit

CHF 6,410 mln in Balance sheet total

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Our branch network

Your advisors in our branches
With twelve branches in French- and German-speaking Switzerland, we favour a selective local presence. These are all doors that open up to the human dimension of our relationship, because at your nearest branch you will enjoy direct contact with your advisor, as well as wider access to the bank's expertise, services and advice.

By the end of 2024, new agencies will open in Geneva, Zurich, and Lugano to be even closer to you.

Your advisors on the road
If you work in the Swiss Jura and your schedule means that you can't easily come by to see us at a branch, please don't go out of your way! Our fleet of advisors on the road will meet you in Vallorbe, Les Verrières, Le Locle, or Boncourt, to offer you all the services and advantages of a local bank

A bank with solid guarantees

With the involvement of the Caisses Régionales and CA Indosuez (Suisse) S.A., Crédit Agricole next bank is a bank governed by Swiss law and backed by leading shareholders. This is a major advantage in guaranteeing its growth in the banking market and ensuring its long-term viability as a financial expert to optimise the management of your financial affairs.

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CA des Savoie

  • Savoie, Haute-Savoie
  • 705,000 clients
  • 2,200 employees
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CA Centre-Est

  • Burgundy, Rhône-Alpes
  • 1,196,985 clients
  • 3,075 employees
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CA Franche-Comté

  • Franche-Comté
  • 500,000 clients
  • 1,500 employees
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CA Alsace Voges

  • Alsace, Vosges
  • 477,000 clients
  • 1,450 employees
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CA Indosuez (Switzerland)

  • Geneva, Lugano, Zurich, Asia and Middle East
  • 900 employees

A powerful global group


branches in over 47 countries, with 145,000 employees


million private clients throughout the world

No. 1 local bank

in the European Union

No. 1 asset manager

in Europe

Our activities

Crédit Agricole next bank is there to support you and offer you the solutions best suited to all your needs, thanks to our experts - and this is why:

To simplify your day-to-day life

Crédit Agricole next bank offers you banking services that are perfectly tailored to your needs for managing your accounts, changing currencies, and settling your payments. We offer packages that combine current accounts, savings accounts, and debit cards to make your transactions easier, no matter where you are. You can also carry out your foreign exchange transactions at one of the best rates on the market, with secure transfer solutions in Europe and Switzerland, free of charge. And thanks to our partners Helsana and AXA, you'll have access to a wide range of insurance products to protect your family and your property.

To build your wealth

Anticipating the future is one of the best ways to build a secure future for yourself and your family.

Between traditional savings and increasingly innovative investment solutions, our advisors will help you choose the best opportunities to add value to your wealth. Crédit Agricole next bank is constantly developing its range of products and services to support and advise you in all aspects of your life, whether you want to invest your cash for a project, build up your wealth for your retirement, or simply make the most of your savings through wealth management advice.

Customised financing offers

Crédit Agricole next bank has specialised in mortgage financing for over 20 years, offering you customised financing solutions to buy, build or renovate a main residence, or a second or rental home in Switzerland and in France. To guide you and encourage you to invest in property that meets the new energy performance standards, our advisors are there to help you choose the right options.

In partnership with CA Auto Finance Suisse SA, you can also borrow money at attractive rates to make your personal plans a reality.

100% human and 100% digital support

To make your life easier and optimise your time, Crédit Agricole next bank leverages its digital tools: you can manage your finances remotely with the CA next bank e-banking platform, open an account, or even take out a mortgage 100% online.

In addition, the Bank is expanding its network of branches throughout Switzerland, because personal contact continues remains a core priority for us, ensuring that we can provide you with top-quality advice and support. In short, Crédit Agricole next bank is there to serve you through the channel that suits you best.

Our mission and values

At Crédit Agricole next bank, we believe that the value of a bank lies above all in its ability to understand its customers' needs and to act in their best interests. Life is not linear; our teams know this and adapt accordingly.

Understanding our customers today to better support them in the future lies at the very heart of our mission: Crédit Agricole next bank seeks to be there for everything that life can bring – the good times and the bad, the big needs and the small. 

Proactivity and agility are qualities that are in our employees’ DNA; they are proud to be part of the Crédit Agricole Group, which is active in 47 countries. We have always been pioneers in our approach and are constantly reinventing ourselves to continue to be valuable to our customers.

Human values above all


Close to people, close to real life, people-focused, accessible.

Whatever the means of contact, the human element forms – more than ever – the very heart of our business. We cultivate close relationships with our customers, as well as with each other.


The depth of commitment of our teams, their agility and their determination to never give up...

We come from different backgrounds, but share a common mindset: a desire to shake things up, to break the mould, and to build an agile bank together, with the common foundation of a committed workforce.


Honesty, straight talk, transparency, truthfulness.

We want to do business with honesty. We listen to our customers, advise them honestly, and inform them of the risks involved - a principle we apply just as much to our customers as we do to each other and to our service providers.


Inspired by the Group's long-standing commitment and its raison d'être - "Acting every day in the interests of the customer and society" - we are determined to anchor our responsibility in all our activities, lines of business, and processes:

  • Ethical engagement
  • Societal engagement
  • Environmental engagement

Our History

Founded in 2000, Crédit Agricole next bank quickly found its focus and continues to grow. Always on the lookout for innovation, it continues to expand digitally and territorially across Switzerland, offering a high-quality and – especially – local service.

2024Partnership with CA Auto Finance Suisse for the launch of online personal loans. New website and visual identity.

Crédit Agricole next bank is one of the first banks to launch TWINT for people with a mobile number beginning with +33 (FR), +39 (IT) +33 (FR), +39 (IT) and +49 (DE).Launch of the new-generation Debit Card. Opening of a new branch in Bern and renovation of the Lausanne branch.

The bank reaches a total of 65,000 customers.

2022Implementation of the new IT system. Renovation of the Cornavin branch in Geneva. Launch of the new CA next bank e-banking platform and mobile app.
2021Opening of a new branch on the Limmatquai (Zurich), and renovation of the Rive (Geneva) and La Chaux-de-Fonds branches.
2020Crédit Agricole next bank celebrates its 20thanniversary in Switzerland. It now has more than 200 employees, with a perfect balance between men and women. In September 2020, the Covered Bonds programme is launched.
2019Relocation of our head office from rue du Rhône in Geneva to the new Pont-Rouge business district, and opening of a new customer centre on site. More than 50,000 customers now place their trust in us.
2018The Bank is one of the first to launch Online Relationship Entry (ORE), closely followed by Online Response (OR).
2017Shortly after passing the 40,000-customer mark, the Bank changes its name: Crédit Agricole Financements becomes Crédit Agricole next bank. In 2017, we also partner with Europe's leading asset manager, Amundi, to launch a range of thematic investment funds in Switzerland.
2016Opening of an office on Uraniastrasse in Zurich, in the premises of CA Indosuez, which was subsequently converted into a branch. Partnership with Liberty Prévoyance. Creation of our online branches in Geneva and Basel. We also finalise our mortgage securitisation process, the first in the Swiss market in over 15 years.
2015Launch of our first mobile bank, “Bank on the Road”, followed by a second mobile bank in 2019.
2014The Bank now has more than 150 employees and 30,000 customers. We launch our mobile app and a health insurance offering, in partnership with Helsana.
2012The Bank now has 20,000 customers.
2011CA Alsace-Vosges becomes a shareholder in Crédit Agricole Financements. Partnership with SwissLife to complete our range of pension products.
2010CA Franche-Comté becomes a shareholder in Crédit Agricole Financements. Three new branches are opened in French-speaking Switzerland, namely in: Yverdon-les-Bains, Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds.
2009Crédit Agricole Financements becomes a local full-service bank with the launch of everyday banking products and services in addition to its mortgage offering. In this way, we improve our response to the needs of cross-border commuters and customers resident in Switzerland alike. We open a third branch in Plainpalais (Geneva) and now have 110 employees.
2008Our first Crédit Agricole Financements branch in Geneva moves from Place Dorcière to Cornavin (rue de Chantepoulet).
2004Opening of our Fribourg branch.
2002Opening of our Basel branch. In 2015, it relocates to its current address (St.Alban-Anlage).
2001Opening of our Lausanne branch. In 2012, it relocates to its current address (rue du Petit-Chêne).
2000Creation of Crédit Agricole Financements (Suisse) SA by CA des Savoie and CA Centre-Est with the help of CA Indosuez (Suisse) SA. It aims to support cross-border customers in Switzerland with CHF mortgages. Opening of the first branch at Place Dorcière (in Geneva) with 15 employees. A second branch opens shortly afterwards, in Rive.