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Established and registered in Switzerland for more than 20 years, Crédit Agricole next bank is the bank that's close to you.

Our mission is to offer you banking solutions tailored to your situation. Our ambition? To simplify your day-to-day management, to make it easier for you to realise your real estate goals and to proactively prepare for your retirement. 

Our financial experts are here to help you optimise your finances at every stage of your life.

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New: assess the energy performance of your property

With our tool for optimising your energy consumption, answer a few simple questions and get a free estimate of your property's energy performance, as well as a list of recommendations for renovations to be carried out in order of priority over several years.

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Your first 6 months free!

Get 6 months free on your package when you open an account!

CA next bank packages combine different accounts, cards and options to suit your needs, from the simplest to the most comprehensive.

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1.25%*: Our current best savings rate

Put money aside for your long-term projects, without a floor and at competitive interest rates, with a CA Energy account.

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1.94%**: Our best 10-year mortgage rate

Get your personalised financing plan online, in just 20 minutes.

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1.50% on your 3rd pillar

The Swiss pension system is your best ally in realising your life's plans. Whether you're considering a 3rd pillar savings plan, an investment fund, life insurance, or even a combination thereof, we’re here to advise you on the solution best suited to your needs.

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Your personal loan between 5.25% and 6.75%.

Are you planning on further education or on changing your vehicle to a greener alternative, for example? Discover our personal loan offer with our trusted partner, CA Autofinance Suisse SA, for reasonable and secure financing. Simulate easily your loan online.

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CA next bank TWINT

Send or request money from your family and friends with ease.

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SecureAccess CA next bank

The app for secure authentication and payment.

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E-banking CA next bank

The app for carrying out all your operations on your mobile or tablet.

* Interest rates are indicative, subject to change at any time. For more information, please contact us.
** The above mortgage interest rate applies to financing in Switzerland as part of our eco-loan offer. It is indicative, without guarantee, subject to conditions and may be modified at any time.