Our CHF Maestro card
For your daily expenditure

Debit card


Manage your budget
The Maestro card is a debit card. All purchases and withdrawals that you make will be instantly debited from your personal account. You are therefore in complete control of your budget.
Worldwide network
Make your purchases with your Maestro card anywhere in Switzerland or around the world, without additional CA next bank fees2.
Withdraw cash at any ATM in Switzerland (including ATMs at other banks), free of charge and as often as you’d like.
Your Maestro card has a contactless function that allows you to pay amounts up to CHF 80 without entering your PIN code.
Remote banking
Check your spending in real time and your account balance via your e-banking service, mobile app and at CA next bank ATMs (10 most recent transactions).
Choose your own personal PIN code, change it whenever you like and access your accounts in complete security.

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1 A free Maestro card comes with the CA Extra and CA First packages. Whether the Maestro CHF card is part of a CA Start package or not, the Maestro CHF card will cost you only CHF 3.50 per month.
2 No Crédit Agricole next bank fees apply when using your Maestro card abroad as part of a CA First package. Other fees may apply. Visit our site or your local branch to find out more about our terms and conditions.
3 A charge will apply for freezing a Maestro card.
4 A fee will be charged for ordering a new card.