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For nearly 20 years, our expertise as an international banking group has enabled us to respond to specific needs.

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Who are we?

Our history

Crédit Agricole next bank was incorporated under Swiss law and has been present in Switzerland since 2000. As a financial specialist, the bank has grown and diversified while remaining close to its customers.

What sets us apart from the rest

Being part of a group with an international presence which has positioned itself as one of Europe's banking leaders is testament to how open we are. We are open to Europe, to the world and to new opportunities.

Our aim

To meet the surge in mobile & digital banking needs by offering essential products and services to make day-to-day life in Switzerland easier.

Our values

Our commitments are based on three key values: developing close relationships with our clients, cultivating unparalleled customer service and making a commitment to excellence.

We offer expats in Switzerland

Bank account
From CHF 12/month, you can use all the banking essentials to make day-to-day life in Switzerland easier: accounts, cards, online banking, apps, remote support, etc.
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Home insurance and rental deposit
Are you ready to move? We offer attractive conditions for home insurance and rental deposits (which every tenant needs)
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Health insurance
Take advantage of our exclusive partnership with Helsana to benefit from favourable conditions and obtain first-rate health coverage
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CHF/EUR currency exchange
Secure, fast, mobile, flexible, competitive. Switch to the most European of Swiss banks: Crédit Agricole next bank!
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Invest in bricks and mortar
Have you found the property of your dreams? Our solutions for financing your primary, secondary or rental residence would be nothing without the experience and expertise that have made us successful for nearly 20 years.
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Investment fund
Diversify your investments by putting CHF 100/month or more into schemes supporting trends of the future. Which fund appeals to you most: Silver Age, Food for Generations or Disruptive?
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Digital solutions for mobile customers

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100% online account opening
Thanks to our 100% online account opening platform, you can sign up for our service offer directly from your sofa. Would you like to give it a try?
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Online loan agreement
Obtain an agreement in principle from the bank in just a few minutes. Expertise & tailor-made financing plan: a complete solution without having to go into a branch.
'Useful, accurate advice in my native language and practical tools made my life easier when I arrived in Switzerland.'

Sandro - Italy

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