How do I get married in Switzerland?

How do I get married in Switzerland?
Marriage, divorce and inheritance for expats in Switzerland

As an expat living in Switzerland, a lot can happen in your personal life. Do you want to get married? Are you planning a divorce? What laws apply to foreign nationals?

  • The purpose of the Federal Code on Private International Law (CPIL) is to regulate certain aspects of private law with at least one foreign feature (whether the parties are of different nationalities, reside in different countries, or are bound by commitments made in a country other than their country of residence).
  • The Federal Act on Foreign Nationals (FNA) determines the conditions for the right to family reunification if the spouse is a foreigner.

Marriage in Switzerland

Registered partnership

Legal partnership
In Switzerland, same-sex couples can enter into a registered partnership that puts them on an equal footing legally with married couples in all areas, with two exceptions: partners may not adopt or use medically assisted procreation.

Divorce in Switzerland

When both spouses are domiciled in Switzerland, divorce and legal separation are governed by Swiss law.

Where the spouses have a common foreign nationality and only one of them is domiciled in Switzerland, their common national law shall apply.

The Hague Convention is applicable to alimony issues during and after divorce.

Residence permit

Divorced spouses may - under certain conditions - remain in Switzerland following a divorce.

Inheritance in Switzerland

When a foreign national domiciled in Switzerland dies, the Swiss authorities are entitled to take the necessary measures to settle his or her estate, unless it is indicated in the will that his or her national law should apply.

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