How much does it cost to live in Switzerland?

How much does it cost to live in Switzerland?
How can I manage my money in Switzerland?

While incomes in Switzerland are high so is the cost of living. To avoid unpleasant surprises, as an expat it is vital to decide and plan accurately what your monthly budget will be spent on before you arrive in Switzerland.

In 2015, the average Swiss household made up of 2.17 people had a total disposable income of CHF 6,957, allocated in order of priority on the following consumption items:

Graph of expenditure breakdown per consumption item in Switzerland

An average Swiss household is left with 14% of its gross income at the end of the month which can then be converted into savings.

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See below for an example of a budget1 taking into account the average salary of a single person:

Gross salary CHF 6,250
Occupational pension plan CHF 550
Taxes CHF 850
Housing costs CHF 1,200
Health insurance CHF 330
Other insurance CHF 100
Communications CHF 150
Transport CHF 460
Other healthcare costs CHF 180
Food and beverages CHF 450
Clothing and footwear CHF 130
Furniture, household items and personal hygiene CHF 300
Eating out and entertainment CHF 700
What is leftover? CHF 850

Using different websites you can calculate your budget taking into account your income bracket, your place of residence as well as your family situation (married, single, with children, etc.).

Calculate your budget

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1 (2017). What does a salary of CHF 6,000 mean? See

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