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Investment fund savings plan
Progressively building assets

By signing up to a fund savings plan, you invest a regular and appropriate amount every month in one or several funds of your choice.

Invest from CHF 100 per month 1

Flexible investment
By signing up to a fund savings plan, you invest whatever amounts you wish in products of your choice whilst keeping the option of amending these amounts without paying any fees.
Having a choice
By choosing a fund savings plan, you can acquire fractions of funds or parts of funds that we offer from only CHF 100 per month.
Reducing risk
Benefit from an average price by regularly investing in the financial market and minimise the effects of the market on your portfolio

How does the fund savings plan work?

The fund savings plan allows you to regularly invest an available amount from your customer account. The investment costs are spread, and the risk that comes with buying all your shares at once when the financial markets are very high is potentially reduced.

Your advisor will take care of everything: they will place payment orders on the funds you choose together, without you having to act every month. If you so desire, they may even execute buybacks and outflows without any fees, thereby amending the composition of your portfolio at any time, and they can even suspend monthly investment at any time.

Open an investment fund savings plan in three simple steps

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Open your account 100% online securely in 15 minutes and immediately receive your IBAN*


  • Currency: CHF
  • One deposit account per customer
  • Opening a deposit account: free
  • Minimum monthly deposit: CHF 100
  • Registration of investment funds: monthly
  • Setting up savings fund plan: free
  • Suspension of savings fund plan1: free
  • Availability of funds (buy-back): any time
  • Change to choice of funds: free
  • Change monthly deposit value: any time
  • The investment fund savings plan comes as part of banking package.
  • Deposit statement: free
  • Tax statement: CHF 74.30 (+VAT)
  • Registration/buy-back fees2: 0.50% of the transaction total
  • Custody account charges3: 0.10% per year, no minimum fee
  • Withdrawal of funds invested: CHF 120 per withdrawal
  • Investment deposit: not authorised
  • Closure of savings fund plan4: CHF 100
* The IBAN will be issued only if your personal details are found to match correctly.
1 The suspension of the savings fund plan entails stopping the standing order used to pay into the securities account. You would thus keep the securities already acquired, but would no longer register new funds.
2 Also includes fees collected by third parties. Other fees and taxes are not included (VAT, advance tax, stamp duty, etc.).
Charged each quarter in accordance with the average of the valuations at the end of the month.
4 Closure of the savings plan entails buying back the securities in the holder’s deposit account in their entirety.

The information above is provided solely for information purposes and should in no way be considered a service offering or recommendation to buy or sell financial instruments.
The information contained on this website does not take into account the customer's individual, financial or tax needs. This information may be changed by the issuer of the financial instrument without notice. The bank will not be held liable for any consequences resulting from these changes.
The documentation on the services and list of investment funds offered by the bank are available on our website and from your advisor. You can also request the terms for buying and selling investment funds offered by the bank, as well as prospectuses and fund sheets, free of charge from an advisor.
The customer is aware and acknowledges that any investment always carries a risk of loss.
The bank reserves the right to change at any time and without notice the fees and pricing applicable to its banking products and transactions in financial instruments.