Invest with your heart

How do I invest in an investment fund?
Three solutions to invest in funds depending on your needs

Whatever the investment fund(s) chosen, we provide three separate solutions when it comes to compiling your securities portfolio. Whether regular or one-off investments, you can choose the solution suited to you.

Invest a regular amount each month at low cost and compile your investment over the long term.
Invest your available savings at the most opportune moment in order to seek out new sources of income.
Investment combination
Secure the compilation of your portfolio and feel free to seize market opportunities by combining the two solutions presented.

Overview of our fees1

Fund savings
  • Commission fees
  • Flat-rate fees
  • Custody rights3
    (no minimum)
  • Minimal investment
    CHF 100 per month
  • Commission fees
  • Flat-rate fees
    CHF 50.00/transaction
  • Custody rights3
    (minimum CHF 120.00/year)
  • Minimal investment
    CHF 100

Example of fees for the subscription of a fund savings plan

Mr Muller invests CHF 200 per month in a fund savings plan in fund Y. He will be charged CHF 1 per month (0.50% x 200) in commission fees and CHF 0.60 per semester (200 x 12 x 0.10%/4) in custody rights.

At the end of one year, Mr Muller will have compiled a portfolio by investing CHF 2,400 for a cost of CHF 14.60 (excluding other fees and taxes).

Example of fees for a one-off subscription

Mr Muller has CHF 20,000 in savings available which he would like to invest in two investment funds, funds Y and Z. He assigns CHF 12,000 to fund Y and 8,000 to fund Z. He will therefore be charged:

  • CHF 60.00 in commission fees (12,000 x 0.5%) for fund Y
  • CHF 40.00 in commission fees (8,000 x 0.5%) for fund Z
  • He shall be charged flat-rate fees for every transaction of CHF 100 (2 x 50)
  • Custody rights of CHF 120 (12,000 + 8,000 x 0.2% = CHF 40… which is below the invoiced minimum)

In total, Mr Muller will be charged CHF 320 the first year and CHF 120 in subsequent years

1 Other fees are likely to apply. For more information, please consult our fee guide. In order to invest in investment funds, you must own a CA EssenCiel Pack, details of which can be found here.

2 Also includes fees collected by third parties. Other fees and taxes are not included (VAT, advance tax, stamp duty, etc.).

3 Fees are collected every quarter and are calculated starting from the average of the portfolio's value.