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Buying a house
Build up capital with the 3rd pillar A

By signing up for a 3rd pillar, you can enjoy a number of short and long-term benefits in order to become a homeowner. Discover the advantages of our 3rd pillar solutions and the benefits they can offer the homeowner.

Benefits of our 3rd pillar

Rate of 0.25%
Build up your capital and make it grow with one of the most competitive rates in Switzerland.
Our product:
3A Savings
Tax savings
Enjoy tax advantages every year in which you make a (pillar 3A)1 contribution, and rapidly build up your capital.
Our products:
3A Savings 3A Portfolio 3A Protect
Preparing for the future
Save wisely to better prepare yourself for retirement.
Our advice:
Calculate your income on retirement

Becoming a homeowner: the benefits

Create your own asset
Build up capital with your 3rd pillar and invest it in bricks and mortar with a future re-sale value. No more rent to pay.
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Keep your expenses under control
Use amortisation to keep your expenses under control
Opt to use the 3rd pillar for indirect amortisation of your mortgage, to gain better control of your expenses and at the same time enjoy the tax benefits, all while building up your pension funds.
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Improve your retirement
Improve your retirement
If you invest in bricks and mortar to create property wealth, you will never have to pay rent again.
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2 important conditions to follow

In order to use of the assets of the 3rd pillar A to acquire property, you are required to use the property as a home and to observe the relevant notice period in order to receive the funds at the right time

Financing a
main residence
The 3rd pillar pension funds can be used to acquire a property only if it will be used as your main residence.
Respect the
notice period
for withdrawal
In accordance with the conditions of the 3rd Pillar A Pension Fund, you are required to observe the notice period for making the withdrawal.