Travel insurance
Because a minor unforeseen event
can spoil your holiday
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Travel insurance
Insurance for your trips, holidays or leisure pursuits

Customised insurance policy to suit all your travel needs

If you fall ill and are no longer able to travel or if you are injured during a stay abroad, not only could your holiday be ruined, it could also cost you a lot of money.

Travel insurance offers several products that can be combined to best suit your particular circumstances and cover any travel-related risks.

Individual assistance

Worldwide assistance and support in case of an emergency during your trip. Examples of costs:

  • search and rescue operations
  • transport to a hospital or a doctor's clinic
  • additional transport for the return journey or further leg of the trip
  • additional subsistence
  • subsistence and transport costs of the person responsible for bringing children home, if you cannot do so yourself

Travel cancellation insurance

coverage of subsistence costs and concert tickets in the event of a trip having to be cancelled or changed for the following reasons:

  • accident or illness before or during travel
  • accident, illness or death of a family member
  • absence of replacement staff in the workplace
  • accident, illness or death of a pet
  • loss of employment or a new job
  • damage to or theft of household contents
  • strikes or adverse climatic events (earthquakes, internal unrest, epidemics, floods, volcanic eruptions)

Roadside assistance

Europe-wide coverage for your vehicle or a borrowed vehicle. Examples of costs:

  • breakdown, towing and rescue services
  • search and rescue operations concerning insured persons
  • additional transport for the return journey or further leg of the trip
  • transport of the vehicle to the regular garage
  • additional subsistence