Securities-based loans

Securities-based loans
Get cash fast

Pledge your investment fund assets as collateral and get cash quickly with attractive terms and without selling your investments.


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Get money fast
Set up your loan from your account in less than 48 hours.
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Finance your medium- and long-term projects
Use a securities-based loan to finance your plans to make home improvements, buy a car, travel, etc.
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Keep your investment fund portfolio
Enjoy the advantages of a loan while maintaining the potential returns of your securities.

Details of the offer

  • Currency: CHF
  • Fees: none
  • Processing fees: none
  • Loan: fixed advance
  • Collateral: assets in investment funds and cash, depending on bank terms and conditions
  • Minimum loan amount: CHF 25,000
  • Maximum loan amount: CHF 1,000,000
  • Interest rate: fixed rate valid for one year, with automatic renewal for the same period during the loan term.
  • Loan period: 5 years
  • Early repayment without penalties at the end of each rate lock period
  • Tax statement on request: CHF 80
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How it works

We respond to queries

and release funds within 48h

I want to build a pool, but I don’t have enough cash on hand.

I call my advisor to find a solution. He reminds me that I have assets in an investment fund, which he can use as collateral to grant me a loan.

I have assets in an investment fund worth CHF 50,000.

An amount set by the bank based on the loan-to-value ratio, e.g. CHF 25,000, is immediately available in your current account. Start your home renovations with peace of mind!

Reap the benefits... over time. Repay your securities-based loan when it suits you. Fund assets have far more benefits than a mere investment.


You need money to make a plan a reality.


You contact your advisor to get a loan for your project.


You have assets with an Amundi investment fund.

The securities-based loan is perfectly adapted to your needs.


You receive the money you need on your current account.


Interest is accrued over the loan period. Repay your loan when it suits you*.

* No fees are charged if the loan is taken out at the end of the rate lock period.
Concluding a securities-based loan entails the risk of the sale of the pledged securities in the event of payment default, fluctuation in the value of the securities or other situations. Please refer to the loan agreement and the ‘Securities-based loan’ product sheet for more information about the risks concerned.