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Mission and values
Crédit Agricole next bank, for what's next

At Crédit Agricole next bank, we believe that a bank’s value lies above all in its ability to understand its clients’ needs and act in their best interests.
Life is not linear… Our teams know this and adapt accordingly.

Understanding our clients today to better support them tomorrow is at the heart of our mission.
Because Crédit Agricole next bank is there for everything that life can bring – the good times and bad, the big needs and the small.
In short, for what's next.

Proactivity and agility are simply part of our employees’ DNA.
They’re proud to be part of the Crédit Agricole Group, which operates in 47 countries.
We’ve always been pioneers in our approach and never stop reinventing ourselves to continue to be useful to our clients.

Our value

Above all, our values are human values:


Our teams’ significant involvement, their agility, their desire to never give up.

We have different backgrounds but a common mindset: a desire to shake things up, to break the codes and build an agile bank together, with commitment by all as its foundation.


Honesty, straightforwardness, transparency, straight-talk.

We want to do our job honestly. We listen and advise fairly, informing about the risks – a principle we apply to our clients, our employees, and our service providers.


Close to the people, close to real life, human, accessible.

Regardless of how we’re in contact, the human element – more than ever – is at the heart of our business.
We cultivate closeness with our clients and between employees.


Inspired by the Group's long-standing commitment and its Raison d'Être – "Acting every day in the interests of the client and society" – we are determined to anchor our responsibility in all our activities, businesses, and processes:

  • • Ethical commitment
  • • Societal commitment
  • • Environmental commitment
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