A computer for everyone

Published on January 20, 2022Reading time 3 min.
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Crédit Agricole next bank committed to give a second life to its IT equipment by refurbishing it and donating it to those who need it the most.

Following internal changes to our system and the equipment of all employees with laptops rather than desktops over the last few years, CA next bank found itself with a significant stock of IT equipment that was no longer in use.

As part of our CSR approach, we decided to take charge of the reconditioning of this equipment to give it a second life, while also meeting a social need: that of the digital divide, i.e. the unequal access to technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the disparities between households: with home schooling and the predilection for communication via digital channels rather than in person, those who were not or poorly equipped were at a disadvantage. Among the population groups that felt this loss of social connection strongly were (mainly low-income) families with children, people attempting to re-enter the workforce and the elderly.

CA next bank therefore got in touch with several associations helping these specific groups:

  • The 022 Familles Foundation, which supports families in the canton of Geneva in their daily lives, whether by offering summer activities to children who cannot go on holiday or by helping adults to re-enter the workforce by providing home childcare or working at their family-friendly restaurant, for example.
  • The Hubert Tuor Foundation, which offers financial support to promising and innovative proposals by students or young professionals in the canton of Geneva.
  • The Société Française de Bienfaisance, which helps disadvantaged French people living in the consular district of Zurich, including families and elderly, disabled or handicapped people.

Before donating our computers, we had to work hard to permanently erase all the sensitive data on them and to refurbish them for future users by replacing certain components and parts

We also made 120 laptops available to our employees to finance the resources used to carry out this project. A lottery was organised and each computer was given away for the symbolic price of CHF 100, which gave employees the opportunity to actively contribute to the donation.

We were able to make the following donations:

Hubert Tuor Foundation

  • 230 computer monitors
  • 124 computers
  • 4 printers
  • 80 keyboards
  • 50 computer mice
  • 70 SSD disks

With the help of the transport company HDA Services, which partnered with us by offering to take care of the logistics for the delivery of all this equipment, free of charge.

022 Familles Foundation

  • 20 laptops

Société Française de Bienfaisance

  • 10 laptops