Investment funds: an accessible savings plan

Published on December 13, 2022Reading time 5 min.
Investment funds allow you to build assets and save in the long term, even with a limited investment. We tell you more about this investment vehicle accessible to all.

Investment funds enable you to build up your assets and save for the long term, even with a limited investment. Find out more about this investment vehicle, which is accessible to everyone.

What is an investment fund?

An investment fund is an investment vehicle managed by professionals to whom you entrust your investment. It allows you to invest in a varied and diversified range of securities.

The main advantage? An investment fund gives you access to the market for even small amounts, allows you to diversify your assets as you see fit, and remains a "liquid" investment since you can withdraw your assets on a daily basis.

Mutual funds at Crédit Agricole next bank

True to our philosophy, our advisers are there to help you choose the solutions that suit you best. If you are interested, you have access to a diverse and varied range of investment funds, so you can make your choice according to your affinities and convictions.

Available from CHF 100 per month

Contrary to popular belief, investment funds are not just for wealthy investors. At Crédit Agricole next bank, you can invest as little as CHF 100 a month. There is no charge for opening a PEF (Plan Epargne en Fonds), after which it must be funded on a monthly basis.

The security of regular, diversified investment

While there is no such thing as 0 risk, investment funds are a very good way of diversifying. Made up of different investment vehicles (equities or bonds), they are based on different business sectors and geographical areas. What's more, the monthly investment solution smoothes out investment costs over the long term and therefore minimises market effects.

Funds managed by one of Europe's leading asset managers

Thanks to our partner Amundi, our customers have access to an exclusive offering. One of the major European and international players Amundi, with over 100 million customers and 50 years in business, has a proven track record.

Responsible, forward-looking investment

We are delighted to be able to offer responsible investment funds. For each company in which the funds managed by Amundi invest, an environmental and social analysis is carried out.

By choosing CPR Asset Management - Amundi Group, you can invest in topical issues such as :

  • The CPR Invest - Foods for Generations fund invests in the entire food chain. A contemporary theme driven by long-term trends. This impact investment fund1 focuses on agriculture, water and the food sector in general, from production to distribution and catering. A sustainable approach to the challenge of feeding the planet.
  • The CPR Invest - Global Disruptive Opportunities fund focuses on investments in innovative companies that challenge existing markets or create new ones.
  • Given the clear trend towards an ageing population, the CPR Invest - Global Silver Age fund invests in companies that benefit from the demand of consumers in their third age.
  • As its name suggests, the CPR Invest - Climate Bonds Euro fund focuses on investing in bonds issued by international companies committed to combating climate change and distinguished by their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our wealth management experts will be happy to provide you with information on the various funds available from Crédit Agricole next bank and give you the keys to making your choice.

1Impactinvesting involves making investment decisions with the aim of benefiting society, while seeking to generate measurable and concrete results. Source: Amundi

Non-contractual promotional information intended for the public, which does not constitute investment advice, a recommendation or an offer of a contract. Before making any investment, it is the responsibility of any person interested in an investment fund to ensure that their investment is compatible with the laws governing it and its tax consequences, and to read the current Key Investor Information Document (DICI) relating to this investment fund, particularly the sections on risks, fees and main features. The investment funds mentioned offer no guarantee of performance and present a risk of capital loss, particularly due to market fluctuations. Past performance is not constant over time, is not guaranteed and is therefore not a reliable indicator of future performance. All fund subscriptions are made on the basis of the DICI and its regulatory documentation. All information presented is deemed accurate as at November 2022. This document is not intended for residents or citizens of the United States of America or "U.S. Persons", as that term is defined by Regulation S of the Securities and Exchange Commission under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and set out in the Prospectus of the investment funds referred to in this document. All regulatory documentation is available in French at or on request from the registered office of the management company. This publication may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, or communicated to third parties without the prior permission of CPR Asset Management - Groupe Amundi.

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