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Our accounts for cross-border commuters

Discover our accounts specially designed to meet the needs of cross-border commuters.

Whether you want to manage your day-to-day expenses in Switzerland, diversify your savings or deposit a rental guarantee for your parking space quickly and easily, we have the ideal account for you.

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Personal account CHF

With your private account at CA next bank, you can easily receive your salary, transfer it to your account in your country of residence or make payments in Switzerland via our e-banking platform. Our private accounts are included in banking packages offering a range of choices to suit your needs in Switzerland and abroad, from the simplest to the most comprehensive.

More accounts, more flexibility

Easily open additional personal accounts in Swiss francs or euros to manage your finances the way you want.

Additional CHF personal account

Need a second CHF personal account? For CHF 1 per month, get an additional account in your package.

Personal account EUR

Diversify your currency holdings with an additional EUR personal account and optimise your CHF / EUR exchange rate directly from your e-banking app for CHF 1 per month.

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Our savings accounts

Diversify your savings with our advantageous savings solutions, offering flexibility, capital availability, and some of the most competitive interest rates on the market. Depending on your plans, we're here to guide you towards the best investment strategies, with a full range of high-performance savings products at your disposal.

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Rental guarantee account (parking)

Would you like to rent a parking space or garage near your place of work in Switzerland? In most cases, a rental guarantee account is required. At Crédit Agricole next bank, our rental guarantee accounts are interest-bearing and free of charge.

Advantages of the rental guarantee account

Fast and easy

Promptly and easily deposit the rental guarantee into a bank account, as stipulated in the rental agreement, at the landlord's request.

Zero costs, zero fees

No fees are deducted when opening or closing an account, and account management is also free.


The rental guarantee account is a savings account that earns interest at 0.01%.

The interest rate may be adjusted upwards or downwards at any time depending on financial market trends.
Crédit Agricole next bank (Suisse) SA reserves the right to change prices, services, and interest rates.