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CA Libre Epargne savings account

The little pleasures shouldn't have to wait.

With CA Libre Epargne CHF or EUR, you can build up capital at your own pace, with money available at any time. This flexible savings account allows you to withdraw up to CHF/EUR 20,000 per month without notice.

Money available at all times

You have complete freedom to build up capital, which you can use as you wish and as your needs dictate, in the event of unforeseen circumstances or to plan a purchase. See detailed terms and conditions online or in your branch. See detailed terms and conditions online or in your branch.

Interest rates

  • CA Libre Epargne CHF: up to 0.85%
  • CA Libre Epargne EUR: 0.95%

You save at one of the most competitive rates in Switzerland.

Tiered remuneration system*

  • From CHF 1 to CHF 200,000: rate at 0.85%
  • From CHF 200,001: rate at 0.20%

  • From EUR 1 to EUR 1,000,000: rate at 0.95%
  • EUR 1,000,001 and more: rate at 0.00%

Saving in CHF and EUR

You can save in CHF and/or EUR.


  • Currency: CHF and/or EUR
  • Opening and closing an account: free of charge
  • Annual statement: free of charge
  • Funding: free of charge
  • Blocking of funds: none
  • Floor: none
  • Payments: free
  • Number of annual withdrawals: unlimited
  • CA Libre Epargne CHF withdrawal limit: CHF 20,000/month
  • CA Libre Epargne EUR withdrawal limit: 20,000 €/month
  • Advance notice for withdrawals over the limit: 3 months*
  • Remuneration limit in CHF: unlimited
  • Remuneration limit in EUR: 1,000,000 €
  • Withholding tax: 35% from CHF 200 interest

Additional information

The account is automatically included in the CA Extra and CA First packages.

CA ExtraCHF 12.-/month
CA FirstCHF 15.-/month

The interest rate may be adjusted upwards or downwards at any time depending on financial market trends.

* If the withdrawal limit is exceeded without notice, a penalty of 2% per quarter is automatically levied on the amount exceeding the limit. If the withdrawal limit is exceeded with less than 3 months' notice, the penalty is reduced proportionally.

Crédit Agricole next bank (Suisse) SA reserves the right to change prices, services and interest rates.