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CHF Maestro card
Security, control and flexibility

Control your budget

The Maestro card is a debit card. All purchases and withdrawals that you make will be instantly debited from your personal account. You are therefore in complete control of your budget.


Your security PIN code
Choose your own personal PIN code, change it whenever you like and access your accounts in complete security

The geo-blocking function
Crédit Agricole next bank has developed a system which prevents the use of Maestro cards in countries that lack sufficient safeguards for withdrawals and purchases to be made securely. This reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions

See geo-blocking zones

How to activate geo-blocking


A Maestro card allows you to withdraw Swiss francs and euros from Crédit Agricole next bank’ ATM network or from any ATM in Switzerland or abroad. You can also use it to make purchases in Switzerland and the rest of the world in many stores and some petrol stations.

Your Crédit Agricole next bank Maestro card has a contactless function that allows you to pay amounts up to CHF 80 without entering your PIN code.

Find more information in Frequently Asked Questions.


You can use your Maestro card in Crédit Agricole next bank' ATMs to check your account balance and view your last 10 transactions.

From CHF 0 per year *

  • With a package Free
  • Without package CHF 42 per year
  • Maintenance fees Fee guide (PDF)
* Maestro card included free with the CA EssenCiel package.