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Digital payment methods

Simplify your life with modern, mobile payment solutions.

CA next bank TWINT, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or eBill... Pay your in-store or online purchases and bills with your Crédit Agricole next bank account in just a few clicks!

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Send and receive money with CA next bank TWINT

Make the most of CA next bank TWINT every day, whether you're paying for groceries, reimbursing a friend, splitting the bill, or making an online purchase.

Download CA next bank TWINT and enjoy the country's favourite mobile payment app!

Send and request

Send or request money from friends and family easily, mobile to mobile.


Pay easily at the cash register, online, on your apps, at ticket machines, parking meters...


Withdraw cash from numerous partners or buy digital vouchers directly in the app.

Your credit card on Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay

Do you have a Crédit Agricole next bank credit card? You can use it in your mobile phone's digital wallet or using your connected watch. Pay for your purchases simply and securely with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay.


A credit card and a smartphone or connected watch... and you're ready to pay!


Your personal data is protected and anonymous in all payments.


Once linked to your digital wallet, there's no need to take out your credit card.

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Pay your bills with eBill

By centralising the receipt of your bills directly in your e-banking, eBill gives you better visibility of your budget and facilitates your day-to-day payments. Whether it's your insurance, Internet or credit card bill: with eBill, you'll no longer receive them by post or e-mail, but can instead access them in your e-banking system, from your computer or mobile phone.

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