How do I change Swiss francs into euros?

How do I change Swiss francs into euros?
CHF- EUR exchange

Switzerland is located in the centre of Europe, at the heart of the eurozone. Need to transfer money in the Eurozone? What options are available?

Arriving in Switzerland as an expat obviously does not mean that you no longer have any ties with your home country. And for those who frequently have to send money from Switzerland or simply travel from time to time, several options are available.

SEPA transfers

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a versatile and flexible transfer solution for sending funds to a EUR account abroad. You send the amount you want, when you want.

The advantages of SEPA

  • Fast: Same-day or next-day transfers
  • Flexible: The transfer amount is entirely up to you
  • Exchange rate: If you make a transaction on a particular day, you generally know the exchange rate applied at that time.
  • Simple: Transaction via your bank possible from your e-banking account or smartphone at any time.

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Standing orders in Swiss francs

If you have fixed, known and regular costs to pay in your home country, such as monthly contributions to charities that you would like to continue supporting or the loan repayments, a direct debit in CHF may be a solution.

Every month money is sent to your foreign bank account to pay an instalment in CHF. Once the CHF funds have been received by the institution abroad, you will be able to change the funds into EUR if you wish.

The advantage of direct debits

  • Full control of your budget: You know exactly what amount is being transferred and how often, meaning you have complete control of your expenses in CHF.

Make purchases in the eurozone

When making purchases abroad, you can make transactions using two cards:

picto maestro card

Maestro card

picto credit card

Credit card

Pay in euros with a Maestro

International direct debit card directly linked to your current account in Switzerland. You can make purchases and withdraw money at most stores in Switzerland and abroad.

The CA next bank Maestro card enables you to make purchases in EUR while benefiting from a very competitive EUR/CHF exchange rate and having full control over your money in real time.

Benefits of the Maestro card and CA next bank exchange rate

We offer one of the best CHF/EUR exchange rates on the market. Try our converter and see for yourself.

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Pay in euros with a credit card

Manage your money independently, using a credit card, which allows you to make purchases online, benefit from credit reserves and enjoy discounts on car rentals, for example.

By paying with your credit card, you earn points for every purchase in Switzerland and around the world. You can exchange your points for vouchers.

Benefits of a Mastercard credit card

Greater protection thanks to a wide range of insurance products, such as travel cancellation insurance, shopping insurance or warranty extension.

To find the card best suited to your needs, use our comparison service.

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