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CHF - EUR currency exchange

Switzerland lies at the heart of Europe, and is surrounded by the euro. Do you need to transfer money within the Eurozone? What are the options to you?

Just because you’ve arrived in Switzerland doesn’t mean you no longer have any ties with your country of origin. And  for people who frequently need to send money from Switzerland or simply need to travel, there are several options available.

SEPA transfers

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a flexible transfer solution for sending funds to a EUR account abroad. You send the amount you want, when you want.

The advantages of SEPA

  • Speed: transfers are made on the same day (D) or D+1
  • Flexibility: the transfer amount is entirely up to you
  • Exchange rate: if you carry out a same-day transaction, you generally know the exchange rate that will be applied to you at that very moment.
  • Simplicity: transaction via your bank, so you can carry it out from your e-banking platform or smartphone at any time.

With CA next bank, SEPA transfers are free and unlimited.

Direct debit in Swiss francs

If you have fixed, known, and regular costs to pay in your country of origin, such as monthly contributions to associations that you would like to continue to support, or the repayment of a consumer loan, direct debit in CHF may be a solution.

Every month, your bank abroad will collect a set amount in CHF. Once the foreign bank has received the CHF funds, you can change them into EUR if you wish.

The advantages of direct debit

  • Budget control: you know exactly what is being transferred and how often, so you can monitor and control your CHF spending.

Buying in the Eurozone

When shopping abroad, you can use 2 cards to make your transactions, namely the:

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Debit card

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Credit card

Paying in euros with a debit card

This international direct debit card is linked directly to your current account in Switzerland. You can pay for your purchases and withdraw cash from most shops in Switzerland and around the world.

The Mastercard CA next bank debit card allows you to make purchases in EUR at an extremely competitive EUR/CHF exchange rate – what’s more, this allows you to manage your budget in real time.

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The advantages of the CA next bank debit card and exchange rate

We offer one of the best CHF/EUR exchange rates on the market. Try our converter and see for yourself.

Pay in euros with a credit card

This is the card that allows you to manage your budget with total freedom. You can use it to make purchases on the internet, enjoy a credit line, or  benefit from discounts on car rental, for example.

By paying with your credit card, you earn points with every purchase in Switzerland and throughout the world. You can exchange your points for vouchers.

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The advantages of the Mastercard credit card

Extensive protection thanks to a wide range of insurances, such as travel cancellation insurance, shopping insurance, and extended warranty.

To find the card that's right for you, use our comparison tool.

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