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Transferring a mortgage
Details about transferring a mortgage

Is your mortgage maturity date approaching or are you looking for better conditions? We offer a simple and streamlined remortgaging service.

Home improvements and tax relief: make savings on your energy bills and your taxes

Having work done on your home can pay off twice. As well as being tax-deductible, you can make energy savings by choosing environmentally friendly improvements or specific materials, which will reduce your future utility bills.

If your home meets our eco-efficiency and sustainability criteria, you can take advantage of our Ecoprêt conditions, i.e. a discount of -0.2% on all our fixed rates and fixing your rate up to 12 months in advance free of charge.

Invoices for any work that is for the purpose of maintaining the home - repainting, roofing, installing a new boiler or replacing the windows, for example - can be submitted as a deduction on your tax returns.

However, work carried out for the purpose of increasing the value of your home cannot be deducted.

Each canton sets a different maximum deduction for this and we would advise you to contact the relevant authorities or your financial adviser for more information.

Deduction of exit fees

When you switch your mortgage to Crédit Agricole next bank, the bank that originally financed the loan will no doubt charge you early repayment fees upon the termination of your contract with them.

These vary from one bank to another and can be considerable. But did you know that depending on which canton you live in, these fees may be tax deductible and potentially can also be included in the loan amount you agree with Crédit Agricole next bank?

Property owners can save several thousand francs and benefit from one of the most competitive interest rates on the market.

These penalty fees are entirely tax-deductible in some cantons, including Vaud, Fribourg and Neuchâtel. Each canton has its own tax regulations and we would advise you to contact the relevant authorities or your financial adviser to find out more.

Does the home you want to buy meet our eco-efficiency and sustainability criteria? Take advantage of favourable terms and conditions when buying, building or renovating your property, or transferring your mortgage.

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