3rd pillar pension Portfolio 3A
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3rd pillar - 3a Portfolio
Choose a dynamic pension

Pension plan offered in partnership with the Liberty 3a Pension Foundation

From an investment of CHF 1001

Selection of investment products available with an investment of as little as CHF 100.
Save on taxes to the equivalent of around 30% of annual contribution*.
Annual payment of up to CHF 6,883 per year for a salaried worker, or 20% of annual income for a self-employed worker (maximum CHF 34,416).
Split between several investment products and combined with other pension products.
Benefit tied to the movements of the financial market when opting for the 3a Portfolio.

Choose between 5 investment product providers

Choose from investment products provided by UBS, Crédit Suisse, Pictet, Swisscanto and Swiss Life, with favourable conditions for institutional investment products.

1 According to Crédit Agricole next bank's calculation, based on a resident of Geneva with a net annual income of CHF 90,000.