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Banking Pillar 3A

Save money every year, while enjoying the flexibility you need to reach your goals.

Explore our Pillar 3A offer, a flexible banking solution that gives you the freedom to determine the amount you wish to invest each year, according to your available financial resources.

Pillar 3A benefits at Crédit Agricole next bank

Annual payment of up to CHF 7,056/year for an employee, or up to 20% of annual income for a self-employed person (maximum CHF 35,280).


You are free to choose when and how much you pay in.

Tax benefits

Take advantage of a tax deduction on your contributions, freeing up resources to carry out your projects.


Manage your investments by dividing your contributions between investment funds and savings, adjustable at any time.

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Pillar 3A Savings

Choose flexible savings with one of the best interest rates on the market.

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Pillar 3A Portfolio

Vary your investments by opting for one of the 12 investment funds available, tailored to your risk profile.

Conditions for early withdrawal

Real estate

To buy your principal residence or to amortize or repay your mortgage.


Start your own business and become independent.


If you leave Switzerland permanently.

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