Protected pension savings
For a guaranteed savings objective
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3rd pillar - 3a/b Protect
Choose savings with a guarantee

Pension offer in partnership with Swiss Life for 100% security for your savings.
Accidental death & dismemberment insurance for your and your family.
Save on taxes to the equivalent of around 30% of annual contribution*.
Annual payment of up to CHF 6,883 per year for a salaried worker, or 20% of annual income for a self-employed worker (maximum CHF 34,416).
Possible to combine with other pension products such as the 3a Portfolio or 3a Savings.

3 solutions according to your needs

Swiss Life FlexSave Duo 3A
If you choose a savings insurance solution, you will build up capital, share in the growth of the basket index and enjoy tax benefits.
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Swiss Life FlexSave Duo 3b
Swiss Life FlexSave Uno 3b

Choose a risk insurance solution and enjoy the tax benefits of the canton where you are resident, while protecting yourself against the potential financial consequences of disability or death.
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Swiss Life Protection 3a
Swiss Life Protection 3b

Choose protection in the event of your inability to work or death. Prepare for your children's future, their studies and enable them to turn their plans into reality.
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