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Early retirement
Take retirement ahead of schedule using your 3rd pillar

By signing up for a 3rd pillar, you can enjoy a number of short and long-term benefits, enabling you to retire before the legal retirement age. Discover the advantages of our 3rd pillars and what to bear in mind when planning your early retirement.

The advantages of the 3rd pillar

Rate of 0.70 %
Make your capital grow with one of the most competitive rates in Switzerland.
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3A Savings
Savings on tax
Speed up the growth of your capital with tax benefits every year in which you make a (pillar 3a) 1 contribution.
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3A Savings 3A Portfolio 3A Protect
Preparing for the future
Build up your pension and save wisely to close any potential gaps in your retirement income.
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Calculate your income upon retirement
Winning combination
Combine several pension products to better plan for your retirement and to enjoy the best possible additional pension for you.
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3A Savings 3A/B Protect
Protect yourself from possible risk, with accidental death & dismemberment insurance for you and your family.
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3A/B Protect
Dynamic savings
Make your 3rd pillar work harder with a selection of investment products.
Our advice:
3A Portfolio

What to bear in mind when planning your early retirement

‘Early’ and ‘retirement’: if these two words are music to your ears, it is important to be well informed about the conditions and consequences of taking early retirement.

A reduction in pension income

If you take early retirement, you will receive a reduced pension until you reach the standard retirement age. It is important to make up for this with a 3rd pillar.

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Keeping up to date with your basic state pension contributions

Taking early retirement does not mean that you will no longer have to contribute towards the basic state pension. You will need to factor the annual cost of this into your pre-retirement budget.

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The conditions attached to the 2nd pillar (occupational pensions, ‘LPP’)

By starting your retirement early, you will miss out on the key years in which your LPP capital will grow. An employer’s contributions towards this are higher during the last 10 years before retirement.

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Calculate your income on retirement

Retirees need an income of around 80% of their final salary if they are to maintain the same standard of living. However, their minimum pension income will only account for about 60% * of their final salary.

In the calculator below we will use this figure, as well as your desired income, as a basis to estimate how much more income you would need to achieve your desired level for retirement. For a detailed calculation that reflects your personal situation, we invite you to meet one of our advisors in-branch.

Use the calculator below to see how much more income you would need:

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* The minimum income from the basic state pension depends on various factors, including your salary and your number of years of employment in Switzerland; the minimum pension from your 2nd pillar depends on your level of salary and the coverage provided by your pension fund.