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CA next bank TWINT

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Key features

Send or request money from your friends and family easily, from mobile to mobile.

Pay easily at the till, online, in your apps, at public transport ticket machines, parking metres, etc….

Withdraw cash from numerous partners or buy digital vouchers directly in the app.

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Your most frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to use Crédit Agricole next bank TWINT?

To be able to use CA next bank TWINT, you must:

  • Have a CA Start, CA Extra, or CA First pack
  • Have a Swiss (+41), French (+33), German (+49), or Italian (+39) mobile phone number.

For more information, please see the CA next bank TWINT terms and conditions of use.

Why do I have to pair my e-banking CA next bank platform to my CA next bank TWINT app?

To be able to pay with TWINT, you need to give direct debit authorisation to the CA next bank current account (CHF) that you wish to link to your CA next bank TWINT app. By pairing TWINT to your e-banking platform, you securely activate real-time access to your account, enabling you to instantly make and receive payments. Only a current account in CHF can be used.

Please note that CA next bank TWINT cannot be linked to your credit card.

What do I do if I have forgotten my e-banking user ID and password?

You’ll find your e-banking user ID (which starts with EB) in your “E-banking login details” letter. Regarding your password, you can reset it. We show you how to here.

I’ve forgotten my CA next bank TWINT PIN. What do I do?

Contact your advisor by phone and they will assist you. You will first receive a temporary PIN by SMS, which will then allow you to set the new PIN of your choice.

Can I use the TWINT apps from other banks and/or Prepaid TWINT at the same time?

If you hold accounts with various different banks, you can indeed install and use different TWINT apps.

Should you be using various TWINT apps, please note that you will need to define one of these apps as your default app to receive payments from other people. Find out more here.

Can I use my CA next bank TWINT app with a foreign (non-Swiss) mobile number?

Yes, absolutely! CA next bank is one of the few Swiss banks to allow its clients with foreign phone numbers to use TWINT.

You can therefore use the app with a foreign number if you have a CA Start, CA Extra, or a CA First pack and have a number from one of the following countries:

  • France (+33)
  • Germany (+49)
  • Italy (+39)

Have a CA Simply pack, and want to be able to use TWINT? Contact us to upgrade your pack.

I can’t make a payment of more than CHF 50, or pay more than CHF 250 per month with CA next bank TWINT. Why is that?

For security reasons, you are asked to scan the verification QR code that is instantly available in your e-banking documents (or sent by regular mail, based on your communication preferences) after you successfully complete your first login to CA next bank TWINT.

To scan the QR code:

1. In your CA next bank TWINT app, tap the "Pay" button at the bottom of the homepage.

2. The QR scanner is now activated. Proceed to scan the QR code.

3. Your payment limits are now raised to CHF 2,000 per day and CHF 5,000 per month. The credit limit (amount receivable) is now CHF 4,000 per month.

Can't find your verification QR code? Contact an advisor.

I already use Prepaid TWINT and would like to withdraw my credit to only use CA next bank TWINT. How do I do this?

You have the option of transferring your entire Prepaid TWINT credit back to your CA next bank account. Please note that transfers can only be made to a Swiss bank account in your name.

To withdraw your credit:

  • Open your Prepaid TWINT app and click on the three dots/dashes in the top right-hand corner (or left-hand corner, depending on your mobile's operating system).
  • In "Payment settings", click on “Release money".
  • Enter the desired amount (e.g. the full amount available) and your CA next bank IBAN (which you will find in your e-banking platform or in your e-banking app).
  • Confirm that the account belongs to you by ticking the box.
  • Complete the process by clicking on «Release now».

Please note that the credit to your bank account will be made within two bank working days.

Once your Prepaid TWINT balance shows CHF 0, you can (if you wish) close this account. Find out more.

My TWINT transactions are being debited from the wrong account (IBAN). How do I fix this?

When you first logged in to CA next bank TWINT, you chose the account (IBAN) from which your transactions should be debited.

You can change account (IBAN) at any time once your payment limits have been unblocked. If you have not yet done so, please go to the dedicated FAQ for step-by-step guidance.

To change the account (IBAN):

  1. In the main menu, click on “Settings”.
  2. Select “Accounts & Credit cards”.
  3. Click on the “+” sign ( + ) at the bottom of the screen, then add the new account (IBAN) from the list of available ones.
  4. Select the account (IBAN) from which you wish to pay or receive money.

Note: the CA next bank TWINT app cannot be linked to a credit card.

Is my CA next bank TWINT PIN the same as the one for my Maestro card?

No, these are two distinct services. As a reminder: you set your PIN for the CA next bank TWINT app when you logged into it for the first time.

Useful tip: Activate Face ID or Touch ID to make life easier! You can do this whenever you like from the main menu, via “Security” (in the General settings).

For security reasons, we recommend that you use different PINs for each.

More FAQ

Read the TWINT terms and conditions of use