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CA Energy Savings Account

Savings with healthy interest.

The CA Energy savings account is the ideal way to prepare for a long-term project. With a remuneration rate of up to 1.25%, your money earns healthy interest.

The advantages

Competitive rate

Interest rate of up to 1.25%.


No remuneration limit (in CHF).


Safe savings and guaranteed returns.

Boost your savings

Combine security and attractiveness for your money by taking advantage of the benefits of a savings account. See detailed terms and conditions online or in your branch.

A healthy interest rate

On average, your savings earn you more than traditional accounts.

Tiered remuneration system*

CHF 1 to CHF 50,000: 1.25% interest rate.
from CHF 50,001 to CHF 100,000: interest at 1.00.
from CHF 100,001 to CHF 200,000: 0.75% interest rate.
from CHF 200,001: rate at 0.25%.


  • Currency: CHF
  • One account per customer
  • Account opening and closing: free of charge
  • Annual statement: free of charge
  • Floor: none
  • Payments: free
  • Remuneration limit: unlimited
  • For the first 12 months, fund withdrawal is subject to a penalty**
  • After the first 12 months: Penalty-free withdrawal limit per calendar year: CHF CHF 100,000***
  • Notice for amounts that exceed the limit: 6 months
  • Number of annual withdrawals: unlimited
  • Withholding tax: 35% from CHF 200 interest

Additional information

The account is available free of charge (upon request) with the CA Start, CA Extra, and CA First packages.

CA Start5 CHF /month
CA Extra12 CHF / month
CA First15 CHF / month

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Need advice?

Tell us what you need and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Crédit Agricole next bank (Suisse) SA reserves the right to change prices, services and interest rates.

* See detailed terms and conditions in branch. The interest rates shown may be adjusted upwards or downwards at any time depending on developments in the financial markets.
** A penalty of 2% of the amount withdrawn is automatically charged on all withdrawals during the first 12 months.
*** If the withdrawal limit is exceeded without notice, a penalty of 2% will be charged on the amount in excess of the limit. If the withdrawal limit is exceeded with less than 6 months' notice, the penalty is reduced proportionally.