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2nd pillar account Vested benefits

Keep the freedom to make the best choices for your future with a vested benefits account in savings and/or investment funds.

Pension offering in partnership with Liberty Foundation for Vested Pension Benefits and Lealta Foundation for Vested Pension Benefits.

Choose a solution full of advantages

The need for a vested benefits account arises when specific events occur, such as a change of employer, sabbatical leave, cessation of work, loss of employment, becoming self-employed, planning for retirement, divorce, or leaving Switzerland.

With a vested benefits account, you can invest your pension capital from the 2nd pillar in a safe place and continue to enjoy the protection of occupational pension provision.

Choose from investment products from UBS, Pictet, Swisscanto, and Swiss Life, at the attractive conditions offered by institutional investment products.


In your first meeting, benefit from the advice of a professional and plan the best possible investment of your pension capital.

Tax optimisation

Take advantage of our partnerships with two vested benefits foundations and optimise your planning over time.

Dynamic capital

Invest in pension funds issued by well-known companies on the Swiss market.

Account conditions

  • The vested benefits account is part of a banking package (CA Start, CA Extra, CA First)
  • 1 account per client and per foundation
  • Transfer from another pension fund
  • Application of the fee regulations of the chosen pension fund
  • Opening a vested benefits savings account or investment fund account: free of charge
  • Vested benefits account: interest rate 1.00%*
  • Vested benefits deposit: flat-rate fee of 1% per annum, deducted monthly from pension assets. For Swiss residents only

Conditions for early withdrawal

Early retirement

For early retirement.


If you leave Switzerland permanently.

Real estate

When you buy your principal residence.


Start your own business and become self-employed.


To amortise or repay your mortgage.


Simple transfer from another pension scheme

Transfer to one of the two Liberty foundations or to both at the same time

Liberty Pension Funds

The vested benefits accounts in savings and/or investment funds described above are opened with the following foundations (Liberty Group).

Liberty Foundation for Vested Pension Benefits

Lealta Fondation de Libre passage