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CA Junior savings account

Prepare for the future of your children now.

Prepare for the future of your child today with the CA Junior Savings Account and its preferential interest rate. By making payments at your own pace, you can gradually build up a nest egg that will enable your child to fulfil their plans when they come of age.

A free account, dedicated to minors

Whether you're a parent or a legal guardian, you can support a child you care about by opening a savings account in their name, to build a nest egg for their future. The CA Junior account, opened in the name of the minor, is subject to parental authority. This means that the representative of parental authority must be present when the account is opened and must also be a customer of Crédit Agricole next bank.

Tiered remuneration system*

From CHF 1 to CHF 30,000: rate at 1.25%.
From CHF 30,001: rate at 0.85%.

From EUR 1 to EUR 30,000: rate at 1.50%.
From EUR 30,001: rate at 0.95%.

Savings in CHF and EUR

This savings account is available in CHF and/or in EUR.

Interest rate at 1.25% (CHF)/1.50% (EUR)

The CA Junior savings account enjoys a preferential interest rate of 1.25% (CHF)/1.50% (EUR).


  • Currency: CHF and/or EUR
  • Account opening and closing: free of charge
  • Annual statement: free of charge
  • Payments: free
  • Withdrawals: subject to restrictions****
  • Withholding tax: 35% on interest of CHF 200 or more
  • Term: when the account holder reaches the age of majority, the CA Junior account is automatically converted into a CA Libre Epargne account***


Up until 18 years of ageFree
From 18 years of ageSee CA Libre Epargne fee
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* See detailed terms and conditions in branch. The interest rates shown may be adjusted upwards or downwards at any time depending on financial market trends.
** The CA junior account is the property of the child. Crédit Agricole next bank (Suisse) SA reserves the right to request proof of identity for withdrawals.
*** CA Libre Epargne account terms and rates apply.
**** Legal representatives may only use funds belonging to the child under the restrictive conditions governing the minor's savings account.