Discover your new
e-banking platform

New e-banking
More efficient and intuitive

Simplified login

A single access point to see all of your accounts (joint, individual and Junior)

A new connected communication feature to interact with your advisors

New features

Integrated QR-bill payment

Scan the QR-code on your bill directly with your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Check the information and confirm your payment.

Real-time notifications

Enable push notifications to be informed of any messages received or activity on your account.

Simpler payments

National, SEPA, or SWIFT payments? No need to think about it: to simplify your transactions, your beneficiary’s IBAN is automatically identified. Easily find your existing beneficiaries by name or IBAN.

Improved secure messaging

Easily communicate with your advisor, plan your meetings, or request call-backs.

Your most frequently asked questions