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Our e-banking solution enables you to view and manage your accounts online and make payments or account-to-account transfers, in Switzerland or abroad.

Also, if you have a mortgage with Crédit Agricole next bank, you can check your monthly repayments and current loan balance with accuracy. Lastly, you are also able to manage your securities in complete freedom1.

Logging in for the 1 st time?


Make a payment and choose the appropriate type of payment for the transaction you wish to make.
Create payment models to save time and have the option of making payments from the mobile app.
Create standing orders for repeat payments.
Make a SEPA transfer to send money to an account in euros.
Download your interest statements.
Secure email is a quick way to discuss confidential information with your advisor.

The benefits

Strong authentication with your challenge card
Ergonomic, clear and easy to use.
Secure, direct messaging with your advisor.
24/7 access.

Security: good practices

Antivirus and firewall

Use an antivirus program that regularly updates its virus database and activate your firewall. It is worth noting that Windows comes with its own integrated firewall. Make sure that it is not deactivated.

Operating systems and Internet browser

Ideally, we recommend that you use the latest operating systems and browsers. In any case, regularly update your browser and operating system. Activate the SmartScreen Filter if you are using Internet Explorer Version 8 or later. This function helps to detect sites which attempt to pose as other, genuine sites. How to update your browser

Logging out and deleting the memory cache.

When you leave the e-banking platform, always log out by clicking the button at the top-left of the browser and empty the memory cache (navigation history) of your Internet browser. How can I delete my history?

Do not trust any correspondence from unknown parties.

Enter your log-in details only on the Crédit Agricole next bank (Suisse) SA platform on the secure site How do I know if a connection is secure?
Never reply to authentication requests or emails asking for your passwords, user ID or account number (phishing). If in doubt as to the authenticity of the sender, please delete the email and contact us.
See latest security alerts

Log-in and access code storage

To log in, access the e-banking log-in page via the homepage. You will always be asked for your user ID and password, as well as an authentication code from the challenge card. Do not store all your access information (user ID, password, challenge card) in the same place.