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Second home
Details about buying property in France

Whether it is a chalet, house or a pied-à-terre, we can finance your project.


Whether you wish to buy, build, or renovate your second home in France, we can assist you with financing, planning and analysing the project from Switzerland.

With Crédit Agricole next bank, you have the opportunity to amortise only 50% of your loan.

We carry out a survey of the property to confirm its value.


You need to cover at least a third of the purchase price with your own funds.


As well as the price of the property itself, the purchase involves several other costs that vary and are not included in the financing calculation. However, it is important to factor them into your purchase plan and have the additional funds you may need to cover them.

Examples of costs:

  • notary fees at the time of purchase
  • local taxes
  • wealth tax (Impôt sur la fortune immobilière, or IFI) charged on property assets in France
  • capital gains tax when the transfer of the property takes place.

How much of my mortgage does not have to be paid off?