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Buying in France

Finance your second home or rental property in France with Crédit Agricole next bank.

Have you found your ideal second home or rental property? Whether it's a chalet, house or apartment, we can help you finance your property purchase in France.

The advantages of the Crédit Agricole next bank mortgage loan

Online mortgage

Get an agreement in principle to finance your second home in just 20 minutes.

Exclusive amortisation

Take advantage of the option not to amortise up to 50% of the value of your property.

Swiss touch

Finance your property entirely in CHF or EUR and benefit from the same terms and conditions as a Swiss loan.

Expert support

Let our experts, who are specialists in the field and in the French property market, guide you.

Tax impact analysis

Benefit from an analysis of the tax impact of your purchase on both sides of the border, as well as assistance with the administrative formalities.

Financing in CHF or EUR

Finance your property in CHF or EUR. Financing in EUR allows you to finance your property in the same currency as the rents you receive (in the case of a rental property).

Choose the type of financing that suits you

Fixed rates

Protect yourself against possible rises with rates set for terms of 3 to 15 years that can be locked in up to 24 months in advance (forward).

SARON rates

Take advantage of market opportunities and gain greater flexibility by taking out a SARON mortgage.

Mix and match your loan

Not sure what you want? Opt for a customised solution and divide your loan into several tranches with the type of rate you prefer.

3 things you need to know about buying property in France

The financing conditions for a second home or rental property are not the same as those for a main residence, particularly with regard to the amount of equity required.

Value of the property

As with any purchase in Switzerland, we carry out a valuation of the property to confirm its value. This step is compulsory and ensures that you buy at the right price.


You must set aside at least one third of the appraised value of the property as equity. Please note: you cannot use your 2nd or 3rd pillar savings as equity.

Additional costs

Various costs - which vary and are not included in the financing calculation - are added to the purchase price of the property, including: 

  • guarantees and notary fees at the time of purchase
  • local taxes
  • property wealth tax (impôt sur la fortune immobilière, IFI)
  • capital gains tax when the property is transferred.

It is important to take these into account and to set aside extra funds to cover them.

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Estimate the monthly payment for financing your second home or rental property

Using our simulator, find out whether you have enough equity to purchase your second home or rental property and estimate the monthly mortgage payment.

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Ready to get started?

Get an agreement in principle 100% online to transfer your mortgage or finance your main, second or rental home in just 20 minutes.

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Crédit Agricole next bank: one of the best banks for your loans and mortgages in 2024

Crédit Agricole next bank was named one of the best banks of 2024 in the "Loan and mortgage offer" category in the rankings carried out by PME, Statista and Handelszeitung. This recognition is testament to our commitment to always providing you with a comprehensive mortgage offering at attractive rates, as well as in-depth advice and expertise in both the Swiss and French property markets.