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Have you found the ideal location and want to build? Whether for a real estate development or personal project, we can meet your expectations.


The interest on your construction loan, the interim interest, can be paid during the construction phase or included in the overall total of your loan.

With this option, you can avoid having to pay out twice if you have rent bills to cover during the construction of your new home.

Partial consolidation

During construction, according to how the work is progressing, you can convert part of our construction credit into a mortgage.

You can protect yourself from rises in the market by fixing your rate for this first segment.

Your mortgage interest is deductible from your taxable income.

How it works

You receive the construction loan as a current account credit. After you have added your own capital to the account, we can use your credit to take care of the purchase of the land and the payment of all the invoices related to the different types of work during the construction phase.

You can keep track of all expenditure and the progress of the work through periodic statements of invoices paid.

Total consolidation

Your construction loan is converted into a mortgage at the end of the construction phase, in a single step.

You decide how to distribute your loan into different rate brackets, each with a different duration so that they can be staggered to suit your personal and professional situation.