Protect your family
Insure and protect your family against
financial difficulties in case of death or disability
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Protect your family
Protect your loved ones with the 3rd pillar

By signing up to a 3rd pillar, you have the chance to protect yourself in the event that you are unable to work, and provide your family with financial security in the event of death or disability.

The advantages in brief

Risk cover
Receive insurance cover for yourself and your family, from the moment you sign the insurance contract.
Savings on tax
Enjoy tax advantages every year in which you make a (pillar 3A)1 contribution, and rapidly build up your capital.
Preparing for your children’s future
Enable your children to study as planned with our insurance solutions.

3 solutions for protecting yourself from risk

SwissLife’s modern savings insurance solutions offer guaranteed benefits and strong potential returns.

Swiss Life FlexSave Duo 3A
Choose a savings insurance solution that allows you to build up capital, share in the growth of the Basket index and enjoy tax benefits.
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Swiss Life FlexSave Duo 3b
Swiss Life FlexSave Uno 3b

Choose a risk insurance solution and enjoy the tax benefits of the canton where you are resident, while protecting yourself against the potential financial consequences of disability or death.
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Swiss Life Protection 3a
Swiss Life Protection 3b

Choose protection in the event of your inability to work or death. Prepare for your children's future, their studies and enable them to turn their plans into reality.
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