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Buying in Switzerland

Discover our mortgage offer for buying your property in Switzerland.

Would you like to own a property in Switzerland? Our mortgage experts can help you make your plans a reality. Take advantage of a tailor-made mortgage with one of the best rates on the market.

Your mortgage loan at Crédit Agricole next bank

Online mortgage

Get an agreement in principle for the financing of your main residence in just 20 minutes.

Attractive rates

Our goal? To offer you attractive rates whatever the circumstances.


Fixed rate, SARON rate, or split into several tranches... Build your loan the way you would like!

Advice and expertise

As specialists in this field, you benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the property market.

Set your rate

Worried about rates going up? We offer you the chance to set your rate in advance and lock it in for the next few months.


Do you meet our eco-efficient and sustainable criteria? Take advantage of our Eco-loan offer.

Choose the type of financing that suits you

Fixed rates

Protect yourself against possible rises with rates set for terms of 3 to 15 years that can be locked in up to 24 months in advance (forward).

SARON rates

Take advantage of market opportunities and gain greater flexibility by taking out a SARON mortgage.

Mix and match your loan

Not sure what you want? Opt for a customised solution and divide your loan into several tranches with the type of rate you prefer.

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Ready to get started?

Get an agreement in principle 100% online to transfer your mortgage or finance your main, second or rental home in just 20 minutes.

A mortgage that supports your eco-responsible projects

Are you concerned about protecting the environment and want a home that reflects your values? Take advantage of our attractive terms and save on your energy bill.

Comprehensive energy advice

Our experts will help you simulate and plan your project, and offer you tax and legal advice, whatever the canton concerned.

Preferential rate

Does your home meet our eco-efficient and sustainable criteria? You'll benefit from a preferential rate.

Lock in the rate for free

Take advantage of our competitive interest rates and set your mortgage rate 12 months in advance, free of charge.

Conditions governing eco-loans for purchases in Switzerland

  • You can benefit from the eco-loan offer if the property financed has a valid low-energy certification recognised by the bank, namely: CECB A, CECB B, CECB C, Minergie classique, Minergie A, Minergie P, Minergie ECO or SNBS, or
  • If the property was built entirely after the entry into force of the legal provisions applicable to new buildings in terms of energy performance (date of construction less than 5 years ago).

3 steps to get your eco-responsible project started


Evaluate the energy performance of your property

With our tool for optimising your energy consumption, answer a few simple questions and quickly get:

  • an estimate of your property's energy performance;
  • a list of recommendations for renovations to be carried out, in order of priority, over several years.

Contact us for a financing proposal and personalised support

We understand that every project is unique, which is why our advisors are there to guide you through every stage of your project.

We will support you with:

  • simulating your renovation needs (heating requirements, CO2 emissions before and after renovation, etc.)
  • the requirements you must meet and the subsidies that are available to you, at both federal and cantonal level.

Get in touch with an approved professional to obtain your CECB Plus certification

The Cantonal Energy Certificate for Buildings (Certificat énergétique cantonal des bâtiments, CECB) measures the quality of a building's envelope, its overall energy performance, and its direct CO2 emissions. To take things one step further, the CECB Plus also offers an advisory report with a view to energy renovation.

The CECB Plus also enables you to secure subsidies, depending on the canton, and mortgages at preferential rates, such as our eco-loan offer.

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Estimate the monthly payment for financing your main residence in Switzerland

Find out if you have enough equity to buy your main home and estimate your monthly mortgage payment using our simulator.

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Crédit Agricole next bank: one of the best banks for your loans and mortgages in 2024

Crédit Agricole next bank was named one of the best banks of 2024 in the "Loan and mortgage offer" category in the rankings carried out by PME, Statista and Handelszeitung. This recognition is testament to our commitment to always providing you with a comprehensive mortgage offering at attractive rates, as well as in-depth advice and expertise in both the Swiss and French property markets.

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