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SARON mortgage: plan to adjust your next payment!

Published on December 15, 2022Reading time 3 min.
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As a result of the SNB's increase in the key interest rate, SARON mortgage repayments will increase on 31 December 2022. Customers with a SARON mortgage should therefore plan to adjust their next monthly payment accordingly.

In a few words: what's going on and what can we do about it?

On 31 December 2022, as at the end of each quarter, your mortgage instalment will be withdrawn from the CA next bank current account linked to your loan. But with the trend in the Swiss money market, this amount will be higher than in recent quarters. It is therefore up to you to adjust the amount in your account.

How can I fund my account?

As CA next bank no longer generates direct debits (LSV) and ISRs no longer exist on the Swiss market, your account is funded by bank transfer or standing order to the IBAN associated with your account. To find the IBAN of the account to be funded, go to the home page of your e-banking area or to the "IBAN" tab in the main menu.

How do you calculate the amount of interest on your mortgage?

From 27 December 2022, you will receive a final notice from us concerning the exact amount of your next SARON mortgage payment. However, you can already estimate the amount.

To estimate the interest on your instalment, replace the base rate by 0.5% (instead of 0%).

Need more information? Our advisers are at your disposal.

Mortgages & loans

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