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Your branches are changing their business hours to better serve you (from February 1, 2022)

We sent you a survey last year to better meet your needs, and we listened carefully! To better adapt to your schedule, we are changing our branches’ business hours.

Financial well-being: 5 New Year’s resolutions to keep to get there in 2022

Every new year brings with it the opportunity to take stock of one's situation and we make our New Year’s resolutions to try to improve ourselves. Close to you and always aiming to make your life easier, Crédit Agricole next bank put together a few tips to get you off to a good start in 2022!

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Mobile payment: solutions to make your life easier

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay: these mobile payment solutions that we offer, in addition to the traditional contactless card, make our lives easier and it would be hard to imagine living without them. Alongside the digital giants, the TWINT app is the embodiment of mobile payment in Switzerland. Let’s go through the advantages of this smart solution, which complements our offer and is useful for those who are connected and on the move every day. Just like you!

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A computer for everyone: CA next bank gives a second life to its IT equipment

Crédit Agricole next bank committed to give a second life to its IT equipment by refurbishing it and donating it to those who need it the most.

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Have you recently moved house?

Don’t forget to take a break from packing to send us your new address. It couldn’t be easier. You can do it from wherever you are, via your e-banking service, mobile app or by email.

Use our interactive tool to check the list of any supporting documents you may need.

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Tax consequences of buying property in France

Buying a home in France significantly changes the tax situation of Swiss residents. Whether it is a second home or rental property, the purchase will impact taxation in both France and Switzerland.

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Cross-border commuters: Understanding Requests for Correction of Tax at Source and Requests for Subsequent Ordinary Taxation

Just received your "DRIS/TOU" form for requesting the correction of tax deducted at source/subsequent ordinary taxation, and unsure about how to proceed? Crédit Agricole next bank would like to make your life easier by helping you with your administrative formalities. Below, we answer your most frequently asked questions about this form.

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