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CA next bank is investing in its branches

In 2021, to serve our customers better, we are upgrading our network of branches in Geneva, Zurich and La Chaux-de-Fonds.

CA next bank is preparing to discontinue the CHF LIBOR rate by the end of 2021

If you have a LIBOR rate mortgage, you have taken out a variable rate loan (implicitly based on LIBOR) or you are simply curious to find out about this major financial event due to take place in 2021, in other words the discontinuation of LIBOR and its replacement by alternative reference rates such as SARON, then read on!

Certificates of interests 2020

The certificates of interests are available on your e-banking.

How to buy property in Switzerland

Continue renting or become a homeowner ? In Switzerland, conditions for buying property are more complex than in other countries. How much does it cost to buy property? How does a mortgage work and what will the impact on your budget be? Here is a user guide to buying a house or flat.

Portrait of an Expatriate

Read about the culture shock experienced by Christina, an American who came to Zurich for love 20 years ago.

Contactless Limit

VISA and Mastercard have formally set the contactless limite at CHF 80.- for contactless transactions and without PIN-code entry

Overview of the 07 March 2021 referendums

Switzerland is a direct democracy so referendums take place regularly. But it is not always easy to understand the issues behind these referendums. Here is a brief summary of the next proposals on the ballot for popular vote: