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Open a savings account in Switzerland
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Whatever your reason for wanting to save - as a precaution, to be able to respond to whatever life might throw at you, with a view to purchasing, in anticipation of a long-term project, or simply to be able to indulge yourself - you need a suitable savings account.
We offer you the option of combining flexibility and good returns with a range of different savings accounts.

Our savings accounts

Combine flexibility and returns with instant access to your savings.

Rate: 0.30% (CHF)1
Rate: 0.60% (EUR)2
Prepare for your child’s future by putting some money aside for him or her.

Rate: 0.50% (CHF)1
Rate: 0.60% (EUR)2
Make long-term plans by giving your interest more energy.

A rate of up to 0.50%1
Make your capital grow thanks to the advantageous fixed rates of term deposits.

The interest rate may be adjusted up or down, at any time, in line with developments on the financial markets.

1 Displayed rates valid from 01.01.2023.
2 Displayed rates valid from 01.12.2022