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With our partner Amundi Asset Management, at CA next bank we advise you on responsible investing

Majority-owned by the Crédit Agricole Group, Amundi is an asset management company that addresses companies and individuals. Responsible investment is a founding principle in Amundi’s asset management strategy.

How to protect yourself against phishing

Phishing attacks are significantly on the rise. But how can you protect yourself? Here are the right precautions to take.

Mobile payments

Did you know? You can now use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay to make safe and easy payments with your smartphone or smartwatch.

The fight against corruption: A joint effort

“You shall not pass!” Remember that legendary scene in “Lord of the Rings” – the one where the wizard, Gandalf, blocks the ‘Demon of Might’ Balrog’s passage to protect his brotherhood in the Fellowship of the Ring? This is exactly the philosophy we take with our clients – the unconditional protection of their interests.

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Inheritance: What does the new law say?

Swiss inheritance law was passed over a century ago. Despite a few changes, it is out of step with modern living situations and family models. Consequently, the Swiss Federal Council has been tasked with reviewing inheritance laws and providing greater flexibility. What changes does this reform involve?

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With eBill, make it easier to pay your bills

eBill is now available! Receive and pay your invoices in a single click, directly from your e-banking account or your CA next bank app.

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End of inpayments in September 2022

Red and orange inpayment slips will be discontinued as of 30 September 2022. Why? What alternatives will you have?

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SARON rate mortgage at CA next bank

At CA next bank, you can take out a mortgage based on the SARON (Swiss Average Rate Overnight) rate. But what is the SARON rate?

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